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Special Promotions and Events

Call today for your free hearing consultation

Special Promotions and Events

Call today for your free hearing consultation

We are pleased to announce that Mitch Marcus, a “Nationally Known Hearing Aid Expert,” will be in our office on March 26, 27 & 28 ~ Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am to 5pm! During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE SERVICES:

1. Electronic hearing screening by our Licensed Hearing Professional.

2. Ear Scan, you will see your ear canal with the use of our new video camera. Your problem may just be wax!

3. SoundLens® Synergy® iQ is the most advanced technology available in our most popular invisible hearing solution. With a discreet fit, they fit deep inside your ear canal and are personally customized to you for all-day comfort. Try SoundLens Synergy iQ today to experience every moment with pure, pristine sound.

4. If you currently have hearing aids, we will be cleaning and fine-tuning them at no charge.

Defiance Hearing Aid Center
       836 East 2nd Street
       Defiance, OH 43512

Contact us today to schedule your appointments! Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis and there is no cost for these services.

Defiance Hearing Aid Center  Will Be Offering FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Of Our Newest Hearing Technology.

If You:

Have trouble hearing in noise
Need to turn your TV up loud to hear it
Frequently ask people to repeat themselves

...This event is for you! 

Call Today To Schedule Your No Obligation FREE Hearing Aid Demonstration Appointment!

If you cannot attend any of our upcoming events please contact your nearest location to inquire about appointment times!

DEFIANCE - 836 East Second Street • Defiance, OH 43512
NAPOLEON - 525 East Riverview Avenue • Napoleon, OH 43545
BRYAN - 123 East Bryan Street • Bryan, OH 43506
BOWLING GREEN - 1007 Revere Drive • Bowling Green, OH 43402
WAUSEON - 1138 Ottokee Street • Wauseon, OH 43567